Friday, November 7, 2008

What is MRSA?

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Here in the Northwest the rainy and cold weather has arrived and is sure to stay for the next several months. Which means that we will now spend more time inside sharing a variety of germs with each other often resulting in the icky, sicky, germs.

The one illness that I keep hearing and reading about is MRSA.

So, what is all the talk about MRSA that we keep hearing and reading about?

With 5 kids who live active social lives it was time I educate myself on the facts of MRSA so as a mom I can take measures to help reduce the spread or MRSA in my family and my community.

I found this great web site called Stop MRSA now which was full of great information, facts and practical steso that I could take to help reduce the soread of MRSA.

I thought you might want to be in the KNOW with the below information on MRSA.

MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a type of Staph bacteria found on the skin and in the nose that is resistant to antibiotics. More than 90,000 Americans get potentially deadly MRSA infections every year and in 2005, nearly 19,000 Americans died from MRSA infections. More deaths are linked to MRSA infections than AIDS.

There are two known types of MRSA. You may have heard of Healthcare-Associated (HA-MRSA), which occurs in hospitals and nursing homes, but a newer type of MRSA is Community-Associated (CA-MRSA), which has recently begun to spread in public settings like gyms, locker rooms, households and schools.

People can carry MRSA and not have any symptoms. These "carriers" can also transmit the bacteria to other people. MRSA can be easily spread through skin-to-skin contact and by touching contaminated items. This is why it is crucial to take measures to help reduce the spread of MRSA using these practical steps.

Scrub up - Wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 15 seconds or use an alcohol-based hand rub sanitizer.

Wipe it down - Use a disinfecting bleach solution to wipe down and disinfect hard surfaces. (1 tablespoon of disinfecting bleach diluted in 1 quart of water)

Cover your cuts - Keep any nicks or wounds covered with a clean, dry bandage until healed.

Keep to yourself - Do not share personal items, like towels or razors, that come into contact with bare skin.

Use a barrier - Keep a towel or clothing between skin and shared equipment.

MRSA, like other staph bacteria, can cause a skin infection such as pimples, rashes, abscesses, boils or what can look like a spider bite. These infections are usually warm, painful, red or swollen.If you think that you or anyone in your family may have a MRSA infection, contact a licensed health care professional, especially if the infection is large, painful, warm to the touch, or does not heal by itself.
For more information on MRSA and steps you can take to help reduce the spread of the bacteria, download our STOP MRSA Now Playbook here.

MRSA — stands for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, which is a type of Staph bacteria that is resistant to antibiotics.

Staph — a type of bacteria commonly found on the skin and in the nose. In most cases Staph lives in these areas of the body and does not cause infections. However, for unclear reasons, a small percentage of people develop Staph infections.

Carrier — a person who carries Staph or MRSA bacteria but do not have any symptoms. They can also transmit the bacteria to other people.

Antibiotic — a drug that fights infections caused by bacteria.
Antibiotic resistance — the ability of bacteria to resist the effects of an antibiotic.

Do you have a story or comment about MRSA leave a comment and share it with us?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom Promises the Easiest Popcorn Balls

Today is the day I fulfill another MOM promise. I tend to make these with my children. You know - I promise Today we will make _________, I promise next Saturday we will go to _________, I promise tonight I will play ________ with you.

My promise today was that I would make popcorn balls with Nate-no after school . So, as we walked thru the front door what would be the first thing out of my cute adorable curly haired kids mouth ? “Mom, Time to make popcorn balls!” whew, at least I was prepared, ingredients and recipe ready to go on the kitchen counter (No, I’m not always prepared).

Into the microwave went the popcorn and we placed the remaining ingredients into a BIG bowl to then melt and mix in the microwave after we popped all the needed popcorn.

Next we got to do the fun messy job of mixing it all together with our scrubbed hands, can you say sticky, gooey, messy yet FUN…that is what it was like.

Once our creating popcorn ball time was over Nat and I shared one popcorn ball as a pre-dinner snack...MMMMMM YUMMMMMM. These are truly a MUST make for you and your kids or teenagers, the perfect snack for any age.

Nate-no asked me if we could make more and take them around the neighborhood to sell …my little entrepreneur in the making.

I can hardly wait to eat our dinner just so I can eat another popcorn ball for desert.

I'm glad I fulfilled my mom promise today.

Here is the Easiest Popcorn ball recipe

Microwave Popcorn Balls, From my friend Sue Beck

10 cups popped corn

10 regular size marshmallows

½ cup butter

½ cup granulated sugar

Put sugar, butter and marshmallows in a large bowl. Microwave on high for five minutes, stirring twice.Pour over popped corn, tossing with a wooden spoon, with clean buttered hands, form into balls. Place on waxed paper or aluminum foil. Allow to set, then EAT your yummy treat or wrap in colorful saran wrap for gift treats.

Check out for MORE yummy popcorn treats in today’s Thrifty Tuesday Finds under Stretching the mighty dollar.

What is your easy snack to create with your kids or teens?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Highlights from the 2008 24/7 MOMS Conference

WOW, Amazing, Incredible, Out of this world, Too much fun, Inspiring - these are some of the many comments we heard from moms about their experiences at the first 24/7 MOMS Conference.

The fun was un-ending:
Julie Barnill kept us laughing, Jenn Alexander shared her heart through music, the overflowing bag of Mom Favorites, the “Oh, how sweet it was candy buffet”, the inspiring workshops , 24/7 MOMS cool lime green canvas goodie bags for each mom, late night fun, games, spa time and movie night.

The 2008 24/7 MOMS Conference was truly a MOMorable time.

Sign-up today at to be in the MOM know of future 24/7 MOMS events and happenings.

Video Produced by:Ever After CreationsVideography and Design o775.772.1200 c

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If you have a teenager in the house you have probably heard the name IMPERIAL MOTION ...and if you have not I suggest you click over to their site and check out this creative line of rad clothing for guys and girls…you might even see something you like.

Now for the BIG news - This Saturday September 20th from 10:00am – 5:00pm they are hosting their annual GOODIES sale from Tees s to board shorts and so much more…you want it they got it….so bring your teenager to the hottest sale of the season and they just might think their parents are cool after all.

The sale will be held at the Imperial Motion Warehouse 1112 Center St in Tacoma WA.
Hapy Shopping

Join me at the 24/7 MOMS conference

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Friday, July 25, 2008

4 FREEbies for YOU

I love FREE stuff so here are my latest 4 FREEbies I found

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Do you have any FREEbie offers to share? Comment and share them.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Tired MOM - 24/7 MOMS has the solution

Are you tired, exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready for a nap? I remember the days when I would lay my little ones down for their 3 hour nap (yes, my kiddos took 3 hour naps). I often dreamt of joining them or taking the 3 hours to relax and take some Me time. Then reality would set in, and I knew I had 3 hours to get life in order, catch up on my housework, pay bills, get dinner ready, fold another load of laundry, make phone calls, and the list went on. So, the Nap and Me time had to remain a dream not a reality. But, oh how much I needed some Me time to refuel.

After 19 years on this Mom journey I realize the importance of taking some Mom Time to refuel, so that I can give back to my family. This is why 24/7 Moms is offering a 2-day Moms conference for You - the Mom who desperately needs time for herself - Time to Laugh, Time to Be Inspired, Time to Connect with other Moms, Time to Get Equipped, and Time to Refuel.

Check out the 24/7 Moms Conference at Register by August 1, 2008, and receive a $10.00 discount!

A friend sent me this story and I thought maybe you, too, could get a good LOL (laughing out loud). Relate to it, and think about the 24/7 Moms Conference as your escape rather than your neighbors home.

An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard; I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of.
He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head; he then followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleepAn hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out.

The next day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour. This continued off and on for several weeks.

Curious I pinned a note to his collar: 'I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.'

The next day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to his collar: 'He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 - he's trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come along with him tomorrow?'

Do you ever feel that way?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Winner of the Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder

Drum Roll PLEASE......

and the winner of the Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder is


CE said...
we use the magnadoodle in the car

Be sure to read all the GREAT comments of MOMs favorite kid product for traveling.

Trisha Novotny

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Moms Online Book Club

Today we BEGIN our first 24/7 MOMS online book chat/club at Join us

It’s not to late to grab your copy of One Tough Mother by Julie Barnhill and join in with the 24/7 MOMS as we discover together being One Tough Mother.

The details are:
1. Grab your book – borrow it from your local library or you can purchase it right here through Amazon.

2. Read Chapters 1 and 2, then come back on July 2nd, I will post my comments along with some discussion questions then you can post your comments and thoughts with the 24/7 MOMS - Come back to see what the chatting is all about.

3. We will then read 2 chapters a week following the schedule below:
July 9th: Chapters 3 and 4
July 16th: Chapters 5 and 6
July 23rd: Chapter 7 and 8
July 30: Chapters 9 and 10
August 6: Chapters 11 and 12

I am looking forward to chatting with you as we continue the MOM journey together.

Trisha Novotny

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Lily on the Fly

Have you experienced the latest menu planning system by Lily on the Fly?

Lily on the fly -where you can plan on the fly, shop on the fly and cook on the fly. Lily on the fly’s Hearty Meals for Hungry Families starter kit will give you a new attitude when it comes to planning and cooking for your family.

Lily provides you with complete recipes and shopping lists along with a way to organize your menu planning.

You will be able to prepare delicious family favorite meals with ease.

Ready to try Lily on the Fly? We are looking for a few MOM bloggers to review the Lily Starter Pack and post their review on their blogs. In exchange, you, the MOM blogger, get to keep the Lily on the Fly Starter Kit for FREE! Email me at with your name, email address and blog URL. On July 5, 2008, 24/7 MOMS will randomly select our 24/7 MOMS for this blog tour.

Check out the Lily on the fly's recipe over at Let's Make a Meal Mondays post at .

Do you have a simple, quick, easy cooking method or recipe?

Trisha Novotny

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Old Navy Flip Flops $1.00

Today only - Saturday June 28th, Old Navy is selling their flip flops for $1.00 each.

These are one of my favorite Summer shoes ( flip flops). At this prcie you can grab several pairs in different colors to match your summer wardrobe.

Happy Shopping
Trisha Novotny

Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Favorites

Come chek out my Friady Favorites at

Trisha Novotny

Get your E-News Today

Who got Summer Time Fun in their E-mail? Did you get the latest 24/7 MOMS June E-news ? It just hit our readers inbox and it's full of free and almost free things to do with your kids this summer , along with all the other great MOM articles, ideas, recipes and June give-away opportunities.

So, be sure to email us at if you did NOT get your copy of the June 24/7 MOMS E-News.

What summer fun are you having with your kids this week?

Caleb and Nate-no have accomplished swim lessons, a trip to the kids' gig (play park), a play time with school friends and yesterday they had a play date here at our house with 2 of their buddies since babyhood. Savannah is at church camp. Shelby and I had a Mother Daughter night out to dinner, and she also went to the Zoo this week with her friends, #1 Son , Stephen, got a summer job (needs $$ for his solo Europe trip). He has also found plenty of time to skateboard, and the Novotny kids have created a lot of messes around the house and yard.

We are off to our first camping trip this weekend and are looking forward to a fun day hike together.

Remember if you did not receive the June 24/7 MOMS E-news, email with your current email address. We don't want you to miss out on being in the 24/7 MOMS know.

Share your summer time fun this week - leave a comment!

Trisha Novotny

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Free Dunkin Donuts Coffee

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Trisha Novotny

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Just TWO Things

Just TWO things to tell you

1. Check out my Thrifty Tuesday finds over at the 24/7 MOMS Blog .

2. Check out Let's make a Meal Mondays post on June 16, 2008 at 24/7 MOMS blog for a chance to enter to WIN Kelly Donlea's 70 meals, One tip to the store cookbook.

Blog to you soon

Trisha Novotny

Monday, June 23, 2008

Moms Summer Book Club

The votes are in, and I am ready to grab my copy of One Tough Mother, by Julie Barnhill - the chosen book for our first 24/7 MOMS Summer Book Club (Chat) .

I hope you will join me and the other 24/7 MOMS and be part of the chit-chat as we discover together the truth about stepping up and being THE MOM by reading One Tough Mother.

Ladies, it’s summer - take time to slow down the pace of life a little, enjoy your kids, grab that book, and let’s get reading!

The details are:
1. Grab your book – borrow it from your local library or you can purchase it right here through Amazon.

2. Read Chapters 1 and 2, then come back on July 2nd, I will post my comments along with some discussion questions then you can post your comments and thoughts with the 24/7 MOMS - Come back to see what the chatting is all about.

3. We will then read 2 chapters a week following the schedule below:
July 9th: Chapters 3 and 4
July 16th: Chapters 5 and 6
July 23rd: Chapter 7 and 8
July 30: Chapters 9 and 10
August 6: Chapters 11 and 12

I am looking forward to chatting with you as we continue the MOM journey together.

WIN Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder

My Favorite Kid Product for Traveling :

The Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder is one item that gets packed into our son Nate-no’s bag when we travel.

Color Wonder markers are clear markers. Once your child colors on the color wonder paper, their creation magically appears before their eyes. This is the perfect mess-free item to take along and keep your children occupied while traveling.

WIN: Share your favorite kid product for traveling by commenting or emailing me at with your email address and you will be entered to win a FREE Crayola Mess-Free Color Wonder Alphabet book. ( drawing to be held July 1, 2008. US readers are only eligible.)

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Please post your extra credit in a separate post.This contest will end July 1st at midnight!

Be sure to check out the 24/7 MOMS blog at for MORE great give-a-ways and great MOMS stuff to assist you along the mom hood journey.

Trisha Novotny

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

THREE things to tell YOU

3 Things to tell you -

#1. Id love to know your Summer Time fun ideas - so Im giving away a $10.00 cold stone creamery gift card, for your chance to WIN - go take my 4 minute s Summer Time survey at :

#2. Now that Summer has almost arrived and our schools get out in 2 weeks - I am ready to relax, sit by the pool and read a few good books this summer

Would you like to read one with me and begin the First 24/7 MOMS online book club?

Let's Vote on a book ( comment me your vote or email me at
#1 - One Tough Mother - by Julie Barnhill
#2 - A Mom after Gods own heart - by Elizabeth George
#3 - What Happens when women walk in faith - by Lysa Terkeurst
#4- 7 things he'll never tell you - by Kevin Leman

VOTE now

#3 As much as I LOVE to Blog - life at the NOVOTNY house is in full swing - From Field trips, High School Graduation, 8th Grade Celebration, Cheerleading, Dance Recitals, Littel League games, Birthday Parties to attend, graduation parties to attend, city parade, end of the school year projects due, and the list goes on.

So Iam taking a BLOG-Cation ( vacation) from my personal blog until after June 20th - Then I plan to blog my summer away with you.

Until then check in on the 24/7 MOMS blog at

Comment and VOTE for your 24/7 MOMS online book club choice.

On BLOG-Cation

Trisha Novotny

Sunday, May 25, 2008

7 FREEbie Offers

There are 7 FREEbie offers to enter this month over at the 24/7 MOMS Blog.

FREEbies such as - Free book reviews , Free TRU KID bath and body products, FREE Starbucks card and more, all being given away as FREEbies. Be sure to go to the 24/7 MOMS Blog and enter today.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Forgetful Mom

I am standing firm on the diagnosis I have given myself after having 5 children – The Forgetful mom Syndrome

My latest forgetful mom experience was on Monday - I was out picking up Shelby when Savannah called to let me know that she had given Nate-no permission to go play with his buddy on the next street over in our neighborhood, I said “ GREAT Ill stop by and pick him up when I get back in to the neighborhood”.

I arrived home, un-packed the car, began preparing dinner, got Caleb a snack, checked my email, changed a load of laundry, re-packed lunches for the next day, got out the next days outfits for the 2 little boys, sorted my mail - so let’s say an hour goes by and then the door bell rings and Who would be standing on the my front porch? You guessed it, the cutest 6 year old in the neighborhood - My Nate-no. My first thought was what was he doing outside? then “BAM” the Forgetful MOM remembers, Nate-no was at the neighbors and I was supposed to pick him up, but the Forgetful Mom Syndrome hit me, so instead the nice family drove him home on their way to swim lessons.

Scary isn’t it - that First I forgot he was someplace else and then that I had been home for over an hour and never noticed he was missing.

Now I had to walk outside and tell the nice family that drove him home how sorry I was and that I had a Forgetful MOM syndrome moment. How will I survive this syndrome?

Are you suffering with the forgetful mom syndrome like me? Good news I have come up with a few solutions for us – go check out the 24/7 MOMS blog at for my solutions to the Forgetful MOM Syndrome. Now if I can just remember to actually use them.

The Forgetful Mom

Trisha Novotny

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nerf War Continues

I am still the Mom of a Nerf warrior.

So, I thought I would give you a brief overview from the past several weeks of war.

1. #1 Son killed off 4 warriors in a 24 hour period which is pretty remarkable.

2. Two students posed as Jehovah Witnesses and came to our front door trying to convince the Dad to let them in to discuss religion - until Nate-no our 6 year old arrived on the porch , pushing his way in between them to inform us that these were really Nerf Warriors, I quickly told Nate-no they were not and to be polite his response was "then why do they have Nerf guns in their back pockets" YES a 6 year old caught the posing Jehovah Witnesses.

3. #1 Son is killed while at the Gig Harbor Skateboard park - Good news can be resurrected back in to the game if his team can kill one other complete team - so they have only 1 person to kill to get #1 Son back in.

4. Phone rings Job done #1 Son is back in the game. His death was short lived only long enough for he and I to accomplish a quick road trip up to Western Washington University.
5. Battle breaks out in a Friends home but the attackers were not invited in so NO DEATHS count- WHEW

6. Four of his teammates are killed leaving him alone to resurrect them.

7. #1 Son kills off another team and resurrects his Best Friend Amac.
8. As of Today 5/17/2008 there are only two left on the team #1 Son and Best Friend Amac.

They now spend their time hunting , at this stage in the game they are now required to get a kill each week or their team will automatically die.
9. Today as I left the Little League game with my two youngest boys, I spotted two Nerf warriors on the hunt, when I approached them they were not willing at first to reveal WHO they were hunting - WHY because in the end it was #1 Son they were looking for - no such luck as he was no where near there nor was the MOM giving away any information.
Stay tuned for more NERF war updates.....
This Nerf Warrior mom would like to see the game end soon as #1 Son has convinced us he can not do yard work, take out the trash or any other chores that might cost him his life in Nerf wars.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Flight Insurance

Today I stumbled across a new Buzzword being used in the market place

Flight Inurance
Definition: Incentives given to key employees to keep them from jumping ship, particularly when the company is being sold to someone employees might not be thrilled to work for.Nominated by Gary Wollin

As a MOM I began laughing thinking this is the insurance policy our husbands or other family members should take out on us when we become moms . So that we don’t jump ship when we have those not so thrilling days in our Mom world.

The Flight Insurance Policy could pay out in Spa treatments, Shopping sprees, Girls night outs, an all expense paid trip to some exotic island ok how about being more realistic and just pay for a sitter to give us the freedom to do whatever we want for 2 hours.

If you happen to know where I can purchase this type of Mom Flight Insurance let me know I want in on the deal.

Have a wonderful day in your MOM world.

Trisha Novotny

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Contests for Moms

Last day to enter the 2 contests over at the 24/7 MOMS blog

For your chance to win a FREE cook book check out last Monday April 28, 2008 "Let's Make a Meal Mondays" blog post

For your chance to win a FREE momAgenda check out the April 22,2008 blog post on "momAgenda to the Rescue"

Winners to be selected on May 5, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Night

Ice Cream Ice Cream we all SCREAM for Ice Cream.

Grab the kids and head to Baskin Robbins this Wednesday night April 30th from 5pm - 10pm for a 31cent scoop of Ice Cream.

What is your FAVORITE flavor? Mine as a kid was always Pink Bubble gum or Grape Ice, Today I think I will try one of the monthly flavors Heath Ice cream being I love heath candy bars.


More details at Baskin Robbins

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Sunshine VS. Spring Snow

Today my girlfriend Andi emailed me this cartoon…It gave me a great laugh and TODAY I needed it. Remember I live in Gig Harbor 60 minutes south of Seattle.

I got up this AM put on my bright spring green Capri sweat suit – It is April 18th RIGHT?– Spring is supposed to be here but NO NO NO…it is FREEZING outside and now I just peeked at the weekend weather report. Are you ready for my local weather forecast? Sundays is the one I had to laugh at "MORE cold Rain/Snow" So is it Spring Sunshine or Spring Snow?

Yes, there is such a thing as spring skiing but isn’t that skiing on snow that fell during the winter months? It is not supposed to be on fresh powder right?

Maybe this is all because my youngest son Nate-no believes if he keeps wearing his PJ's inside out and places a spoon under his pillow while he sleeps at night in we will get SNOW...Someone tell him to STOP this silly behavior because this MOM wants sunshine and we certainly don’t believe these wise tales or do we?

Then again can some one PLEASE explain Global warming to me…I think it is more like Global FREEZING.

Time to put back on the thick sweaters and get out the gloves it’s chilly.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

Check OUT todays Time Waster Time Saver blog post at

Share with us your BEST Time Saver mom tip.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Nerf War continues in Gig Harbor

Nerf Warriors on the streets of Gig Harbor….It was 11:30 pm and I was just dozing off to sleep when the phone rang, #1 Son calling for HELP, he was outside our gated neighborhood being blocked from the ability to access the entrance by the Nerf hunters.

The Dad jumped out of bed as if he were a Super Hero being called to duty. He began his mission by driving to the gate which caused it to open so #1 Son could race thru the gate and zip into the garage shutting the door quickly behind him as his hunters trailed closely behind ready to shoot if given opportunity.

The last comment from the hunters as they sped away “ Your Daddy can’t save you all the time”. – Don’t they realize he is a Super Hero Dad?

Yes - The Nerf Wars are exciting in our home with 2 younger brothers watching and waiting for the hunters who might try the younger sibling tactic – convincing them to allow entrance to our home to hunt down the big brother. This is a good time to refresh them on being a Safe Kid “Do NOT let anyone in the house even if she was your last Babysitter” ( Brianna- they are on to you).

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


Monday, April 7, 2008

The Games have begun - Gig Harbor Nerf Wars

We have arrived home from our Arizona trip and the Games have begun…The Gig Harbor High School Seniors traditional nerf war game that is. (not sanctioned by GHHS).

The opening day of Nerf Wars meant a stop at TOYS- R- US on our way home from the air port as my #1 Son Stephen was in need of a supply of nerf guns and bullets.

Are you already wondering what nerf war is?

Several years ago a GHHS senior student put together the first nerf war game which has now become a tradition each spring for the seniors…they create their own teams of 5 players and then are placed on a list of WHO they are hunting and WHO is hunting them.

Imagine driving thru Gig Harbor right now with approximately 200 High School students slinging Nerf guns over their shoulders lurking, stalking and hiding as they hunt down each other.

The first phone called arrived 10 minutes after I walked in the door. A student sitting in his car was blocked in by the team that was hunting him. He was in desperate need of my Son to come and scare off the hunters, who were the team my son was hunting…can you already tell this is a game of strategy. My son and his teammate arrived and began shooting the team members….Next phone call my son calling to inform me he got his first Kill of the night.

I was not sure how I was supposed to feel over the killing of a fellow student…but I quickly reminded myself this was all fun and games, a tradition he has waited years to be part of.

Did I mention there is a BIG cash prize for the last team in?

If you plan on visiting Gig Harbor in the next few weeks or even months , please don’t be alarmed by these Nerf gun slinging teenagers….Remind your self you too would have been a nerf warrior if given the opportunity as a teenager….I know I would have.

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


Friday, April 4, 2008

FREE Hamburger Helper

An easy, delicious, one-skillet solution to the question, “What’s for dinner ?"and the answer was Hamburger Helper Lasagna –

I didn’t grow up eating Hamburger Helper... I discovered it as a new bride with a new role of meal planning so the thought of a one skillet solution to what’s for dinner was all it took to sell me on buying a box for dinner.

Until my husband called home to ask the BIG question “What’s for dinner?” I was excited to say Hamburger Helper Lasagna – not realizing unlike Me he had actually grown up on this so called one skillet solution and had no intentions of eating, cooking or being feed this supposedly delicious out of the box meal ever again.

I was crushed to say the least…He got a good laugh and I got a good cry

Here I was trying to be the creative cook finding simple ways to create inexpensive meals and his laughing response to me was more then a new bride apparently could handle – that truly was the first and last box of Hamburger Helper I have ever purchased.

Though I have always wondered if my kids would devour this like they do macaroni and cheese – I will now have the opportunity to let them try a sample for FREE.

Betty Crocker is currently giving away FREE samples of Hamburger Helper single servings when you sign-up for their newsletter.
Being the FREEbie Bug that I am ..I signed up and my sample will soon be in my mailbox….Maybe for a good laugh I’ll make it for hubby …I promise no more tears if he turns his nose up at it again.

Get Your FREEbie sample today at

Enjoy ,

Trisha Novotny

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last Chance .....Was it really Nordstroms?

Could our Arizona vacation get any better - Family, Fun, Sun, Relaxing and Sonic Shakes? Then this AM we ventured out to a place I had heard about but never experienced.

We were pre-warned of the crowds, the chaos, the serious shoppers (merchandise snatchers), the amazing deals.

Then there was the long list of RULES posted through out the store warning you to follow the rules or be asked to leave.

We arrived to a building with a sign that read “Last Chance” it did NOT directly call its self Nordstrom but they were happy to take my Nordstrom credit card.

It was more fun to people watch as they raced, grabbed and filled their baskets with NORDSTROM last chance merchandise.

Oh Yes the bargains were plenty...just ask my shopper daughter Savannah and it was an EXPERIENCE we will not soon forget.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

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As a MOM I strive to be frugal with my penny pinching ways…but not only do I enjoy finding great deals but I have this Maven desire of wanting to share all my great finds with my Mom friends.

So today my friends , the great find I have to share is online at Target - you can receive 20 FREE prints in the mail when you sign-up for a FREE account at the Target Kodak Gallery .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

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Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays - Organizational Ideas for MOMS each Thursday at the 24/7 MOMS Blog
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Monday, March 24, 2008

Let' s Make a Meal Mondays

There is a NEW Monday edition at the 24/7 MOMS Blog

Let' s Make A Meal Mondays

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