Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Nerf War continues in Gig Harbor

Nerf Warriors on the streets of Gig Harbor….It was 11:30 pm and I was just dozing off to sleep when the phone rang, #1 Son calling for HELP, he was outside our gated neighborhood being blocked from the ability to access the entrance by the Nerf hunters.

The Dad jumped out of bed as if he were a Super Hero being called to duty. He began his mission by driving to the gate which caused it to open so #1 Son could race thru the gate and zip into the garage shutting the door quickly behind him as his hunters trailed closely behind ready to shoot if given opportunity.

The last comment from the hunters as they sped away “ Your Daddy can’t save you all the time”. – Don’t they realize he is a Super Hero Dad?

Yes - The Nerf Wars are exciting in our home with 2 younger brothers watching and waiting for the hunters who might try the younger sibling tactic – convincing them to allow entrance to our home to hunt down the big brother. This is a good time to refresh them on being a Safe Kid “Do NOT let anyone in the house even if she was your last Babysitter” ( Brianna- they are on to you).

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


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