Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baskin Robbins 31 Cent Night

Ice Cream Ice Cream we all SCREAM for Ice Cream.

Grab the kids and head to Baskin Robbins this Wednesday night April 30th from 5pm - 10pm for a 31cent scoop of Ice Cream.

What is your FAVORITE flavor? Mine as a kid was always Pink Bubble gum or Grape Ice, Today I think I will try one of the monthly flavors Heath Ice cream being I love heath candy bars.


More details at Baskin Robbins

Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Sunshine VS. Spring Snow

Today my girlfriend Andi emailed me this cartoon…It gave me a great laugh and TODAY I needed it. Remember I live in Gig Harbor 60 minutes south of Seattle.

I got up this AM put on my bright spring green Capri sweat suit – It is April 18th RIGHT?– Spring is supposed to be here but NO NO NO…it is FREEZING outside and now I just peeked at the weekend weather report. Are you ready for my local weather forecast? Sundays is the one I had to laugh at "MORE cold Rain/Snow" So is it Spring Sunshine or Spring Snow?

Yes, there is such a thing as spring skiing but isn’t that skiing on snow that fell during the winter months? It is not supposed to be on fresh powder right?

Maybe this is all because my youngest son Nate-no believes if he keeps wearing his PJ's inside out and places a spoon under his pillow while he sleeps at night in we will get SNOW...Someone tell him to STOP this silly behavior because this MOM wants sunshine and we certainly don’t believe these wise tales or do we?

Then again can some one PLEASE explain Global warming to me…I think it is more like Global FREEZING.

Time to put back on the thick sweaters and get out the gloves it’s chilly.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time Waster Time Saver Thursdays

Check OUT todays Time Waster Time Saver blog post at http://www.247moms.blogspot.com/

Share with us your BEST Time Saver mom tip.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Nerf War continues in Gig Harbor

Nerf Warriors on the streets of Gig Harbor….It was 11:30 pm and I was just dozing off to sleep when the phone rang, #1 Son calling for HELP, he was outside our gated neighborhood being blocked from the ability to access the entrance by the Nerf hunters.

The Dad jumped out of bed as if he were a Super Hero being called to duty. He began his mission by driving to the gate which caused it to open so #1 Son could race thru the gate and zip into the garage shutting the door quickly behind him as his hunters trailed closely behind ready to shoot if given opportunity.

The last comment from the hunters as they sped away “ Your Daddy can’t save you all the time”. – Don’t they realize he is a Super Hero Dad?

Yes - The Nerf Wars are exciting in our home with 2 younger brothers watching and waiting for the hunters who might try the younger sibling tactic – convincing them to allow entrance to our home to hunt down the big brother. This is a good time to refresh them on being a Safe Kid “Do NOT let anyone in the house even if she was your last Babysitter” ( Brianna- they are on to you).

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


Monday, April 7, 2008

The Games have begun - Gig Harbor Nerf Wars

We have arrived home from our Arizona trip and the Games have begun…The Gig Harbor High School Seniors traditional nerf war game that is. (not sanctioned by GHHS).

The opening day of Nerf Wars meant a stop at TOYS- R- US on our way home from the air port as my #1 Son Stephen was in need of a supply of nerf guns and bullets.

Are you already wondering what nerf war is?

Several years ago a GHHS senior student put together the first nerf war game which has now become a tradition each spring for the seniors…they create their own teams of 5 players and then are placed on a list of WHO they are hunting and WHO is hunting them.

Imagine driving thru Gig Harbor right now with approximately 200 High School students slinging Nerf guns over their shoulders lurking, stalking and hiding as they hunt down each other.

The first phone called arrived 10 minutes after I walked in the door. A student sitting in his car was blocked in by the team that was hunting him. He was in desperate need of my Son to come and scare off the hunters, who were the team my son was hunting…can you already tell this is a game of strategy. My son and his teammate arrived and began shooting the team members….Next phone call my son calling to inform me he got his first Kill of the night.

I was not sure how I was supposed to feel over the killing of a fellow student…but I quickly reminded myself this was all fun and games, a tradition he has waited years to be part of.

Did I mention there is a BIG cash prize for the last team in?

If you plan on visiting Gig Harbor in the next few weeks or even months , please don’t be alarmed by these Nerf gun slinging teenagers….Remind your self you too would have been a nerf warrior if given the opportunity as a teenager….I know I would have.

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


Friday, April 4, 2008

FREE Hamburger Helper

An easy, delicious, one-skillet solution to the question, “What’s for dinner ?"and the answer was Hamburger Helper Lasagna –

I didn’t grow up eating Hamburger Helper... I discovered it as a new bride with a new role of meal planning so the thought of a one skillet solution to what’s for dinner was all it took to sell me on buying a box for dinner.

Until my husband called home to ask the BIG question “What’s for dinner?” I was excited to say Hamburger Helper Lasagna – not realizing unlike Me he had actually grown up on this so called one skillet solution and had no intentions of eating, cooking or being feed this supposedly delicious out of the box meal ever again.

I was crushed to say the least…He got a good laugh and I got a good cry

Here I was trying to be the creative cook finding simple ways to create inexpensive meals and his laughing response to me was more then a new bride apparently could handle – that truly was the first and last box of Hamburger Helper I have ever purchased.

Though I have always wondered if my kids would devour this like they do macaroni and cheese – I will now have the opportunity to let them try a sample for FREE.

Betty Crocker is currently giving away FREE samples of Hamburger Helper single servings when you sign-up for their newsletter.
Being the FREEbie Bug that I am ..I signed up and my sample will soon be in my mailbox….Maybe for a good laugh I’ll make it for hubby …I promise no more tears if he turns his nose up at it again.

Get Your FREEbie sample today at


Enjoy ,

Trisha Novotny

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last Chance .....Was it really Nordstroms?

Could our Arizona vacation get any better - Family, Fun, Sun, Relaxing and Sonic Shakes? Then this AM we ventured out to a place I had heard about but never experienced.

We were pre-warned of the crowds, the chaos, the serious shoppers (merchandise snatchers), the amazing deals.

Then there was the long list of RULES posted through out the store warning you to follow the rules or be asked to leave.

We arrived to a building with a sign that read “Last Chance” it did NOT directly call its self Nordstrom but they were happy to take my Nordstrom credit card.

It was more fun to people watch as they raced, grabbed and filled their baskets with NORDSTROM last chance merchandise.

Oh Yes the bargains were plenty...just ask my shopper daughter Savannah and it was an EXPERIENCE we will not soon forget.