Thursday, April 3, 2008

Last Chance .....Was it really Nordstroms?

Could our Arizona vacation get any better - Family, Fun, Sun, Relaxing and Sonic Shakes? Then this AM we ventured out to a place I had heard about but never experienced.

We were pre-warned of the crowds, the chaos, the serious shoppers (merchandise snatchers), the amazing deals.

Then there was the long list of RULES posted through out the store warning you to follow the rules or be asked to leave.

We arrived to a building with a sign that read “Last Chance” it did NOT directly call its self Nordstrom but they were happy to take my Nordstrom credit card.

It was more fun to people watch as they raced, grabbed and filled their baskets with NORDSTROM last chance merchandise.

Oh Yes the bargains were plenty...just ask my shopper daughter Savannah and it was an EXPERIENCE we will not soon forget.

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