Saturday, May 17, 2008

Nerf War Continues

I am still the Mom of a Nerf warrior.

So, I thought I would give you a brief overview from the past several weeks of war.

1. #1 Son killed off 4 warriors in a 24 hour period which is pretty remarkable.

2. Two students posed as Jehovah Witnesses and came to our front door trying to convince the Dad to let them in to discuss religion - until Nate-no our 6 year old arrived on the porch , pushing his way in between them to inform us that these were really Nerf Warriors, I quickly told Nate-no they were not and to be polite his response was "then why do they have Nerf guns in their back pockets" YES a 6 year old caught the posing Jehovah Witnesses.

3. #1 Son is killed while at the Gig Harbor Skateboard park - Good news can be resurrected back in to the game if his team can kill one other complete team - so they have only 1 person to kill to get #1 Son back in.

4. Phone rings Job done #1 Son is back in the game. His death was short lived only long enough for he and I to accomplish a quick road trip up to Western Washington University.
5. Battle breaks out in a Friends home but the attackers were not invited in so NO DEATHS count- WHEW

6. Four of his teammates are killed leaving him alone to resurrect them.

7. #1 Son kills off another team and resurrects his Best Friend Amac.
8. As of Today 5/17/2008 there are only two left on the team #1 Son and Best Friend Amac.

They now spend their time hunting , at this stage in the game they are now required to get a kill each week or their team will automatically die.
9. Today as I left the Little League game with my two youngest boys, I spotted two Nerf warriors on the hunt, when I approached them they were not willing at first to reveal WHO they were hunting - WHY because in the end it was #1 Son they were looking for - no such luck as he was no where near there nor was the MOM giving away any information.
Stay tuned for more NERF war updates.....
This Nerf Warrior mom would like to see the game end soon as #1 Son has convinced us he can not do yard work, take out the trash or any other chores that might cost him his life in Nerf wars.

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momisbestjob said...

Thanks for the update...I've been wondering if this was still going on! LOL