Monday, May 12, 2008

Mom's Flight Insurance

Today I stumbled across a new Buzzword being used in the market place

Flight Inurance
Definition: Incentives given to key employees to keep them from jumping ship, particularly when the company is being sold to someone employees might not be thrilled to work for.Nominated by Gary Wollin

As a MOM I began laughing thinking this is the insurance policy our husbands or other family members should take out on us when we become moms . So that we don’t jump ship when we have those not so thrilling days in our Mom world.

The Flight Insurance Policy could pay out in Spa treatments, Shopping sprees, Girls night outs, an all expense paid trip to some exotic island ok how about being more realistic and just pay for a sitter to give us the freedom to do whatever we want for 2 hours.

If you happen to know where I can purchase this type of Mom Flight Insurance let me know I want in on the deal.

Have a wonderful day in your MOM world.

Trisha Novotny

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