Friday, June 27, 2008

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What summer fun are you having with your kids this week?

Caleb and Nate-no have accomplished swim lessons, a trip to the kids' gig (play park), a play time with school friends and yesterday they had a play date here at our house with 2 of their buddies since babyhood. Savannah is at church camp. Shelby and I had a Mother Daughter night out to dinner, and she also went to the Zoo this week with her friends, #1 Son , Stephen, got a summer job (needs $$ for his solo Europe trip). He has also found plenty of time to skateboard, and the Novotny kids have created a lot of messes around the house and yard.

We are off to our first camping trip this weekend and are looking forward to a fun day hike together.

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Trisha Novotny

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