Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mom Promises the Easiest Popcorn Balls

Today is the day I fulfill another MOM promise. I tend to make these with my children. You know - I promise Today we will make _________, I promise next Saturday we will go to _________, I promise tonight I will play ________ with you.

My promise today was that I would make popcorn balls with Nate-no after school . So, as we walked thru the front door what would be the first thing out of my cute adorable curly haired kids mouth ? “Mom, Time to make popcorn balls!” whew, at least I was prepared, ingredients and recipe ready to go on the kitchen counter (No, I’m not always prepared).

Into the microwave went the popcorn and we placed the remaining ingredients into a BIG bowl to then melt and mix in the microwave after we popped all the needed popcorn.

Next we got to do the fun messy job of mixing it all together with our scrubbed hands, can you say sticky, gooey, messy yet FUN…that is what it was like.

Once our creating popcorn ball time was over Nat and I shared one popcorn ball as a pre-dinner snack...MMMMMM YUMMMMMM. These are truly a MUST make for you and your kids or teenagers, the perfect snack for any age.

Nate-no asked me if we could make more and take them around the neighborhood to sell …my little entrepreneur in the making.

I can hardly wait to eat our dinner just so I can eat another popcorn ball for desert.

I'm glad I fulfilled my mom promise today.

Here is the Easiest Popcorn ball recipe

Microwave Popcorn Balls, From my friend Sue Beck

10 cups popped corn

10 regular size marshmallows

½ cup butter

½ cup granulated sugar

Put sugar, butter and marshmallows in a large bowl. Microwave on high for five minutes, stirring twice.Pour over popped corn, tossing with a wooden spoon, with clean buttered hands, form into balls. Place on waxed paper or aluminum foil. Allow to set, then EAT your yummy treat or wrap in colorful saran wrap for gift treats.

Check out http://www.247moms.blogspot.com/ for MORE yummy popcorn treats in today’s Thrifty Tuesday Finds under Stretching the mighty dollar.

What is your easy snack to create with your kids or teens?

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