Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring Sunshine VS. Spring Snow

Today my girlfriend Andi emailed me this cartoon…It gave me a great laugh and TODAY I needed it. Remember I live in Gig Harbor 60 minutes south of Seattle.

I got up this AM put on my bright spring green Capri sweat suit – It is April 18th RIGHT?– Spring is supposed to be here but NO NO NO…it is FREEZING outside and now I just peeked at the weekend weather report. Are you ready for my local weather forecast? Sundays is the one I had to laugh at "MORE cold Rain/Snow" So is it Spring Sunshine or Spring Snow?

Yes, there is such a thing as spring skiing but isn’t that skiing on snow that fell during the winter months? It is not supposed to be on fresh powder right?

Maybe this is all because my youngest son Nate-no believes if he keeps wearing his PJ's inside out and places a spoon under his pillow while he sleeps at night in we will get SNOW...Someone tell him to STOP this silly behavior because this MOM wants sunshine and we certainly don’t believe these wise tales or do we?

Then again can some one PLEASE explain Global warming to me…I think it is more like Global FREEZING.

Time to put back on the thick sweaters and get out the gloves it’s chilly.


KrustyTheCat said...

Hi Trisha...

I just wanted to say you were awesome at MOPS yesterday!!! I know you probably didn't notice, but I was sitting at the front table, and I was the lady that left early ;o) I was dissapointed I couldnt hear the end of your talk. But what I heard was fantastic. I had wanted to ask if you got your gift closet idea from organizedchristmas/organizedhome? I do the same thing, and I was a frequent member of until the message board closed. I've also done the flylady thing, and haved a household notebook...a little outdated right now though. LOL

momisbestjob said...

It did actually snow at our house this morning!!! It's almost May!!! I agree with the Global FREEZING not Warming!