Monday, April 7, 2008

The Games have begun - Gig Harbor Nerf Wars

We have arrived home from our Arizona trip and the Games have begun…The Gig Harbor High School Seniors traditional nerf war game that is. (not sanctioned by GHHS).

The opening day of Nerf Wars meant a stop at TOYS- R- US on our way home from the air port as my #1 Son Stephen was in need of a supply of nerf guns and bullets.

Are you already wondering what nerf war is?

Several years ago a GHHS senior student put together the first nerf war game which has now become a tradition each spring for the seniors…they create their own teams of 5 players and then are placed on a list of WHO they are hunting and WHO is hunting them.

Imagine driving thru Gig Harbor right now with approximately 200 High School students slinging Nerf guns over their shoulders lurking, stalking and hiding as they hunt down each other.

The first phone called arrived 10 minutes after I walked in the door. A student sitting in his car was blocked in by the team that was hunting him. He was in desperate need of my Son to come and scare off the hunters, who were the team my son was hunting…can you already tell this is a game of strategy. My son and his teammate arrived and began shooting the team members….Next phone call my son calling to inform me he got his first Kill of the night.

I was not sure how I was supposed to feel over the killing of a fellow student…but I quickly reminded myself this was all fun and games, a tradition he has waited years to be part of.

Did I mention there is a BIG cash prize for the last team in?

If you plan on visiting Gig Harbor in the next few weeks or even months , please don’t be alarmed by these Nerf gun slinging teenagers….Remind your self you too would have been a nerf warrior if given the opportunity as a teenager….I know I would have.

Mom of a Nerf Warrior


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