Saturday, March 15, 2008

I caught the FREEbie bug

When I was a little girl I would sign-up for every birthday club, door Prize drawing, mail in offer, I searched for FREE stuff. The more I won and received free the more I caught the FREEbie bug. The bug has never quite left me, even as an adult I LOVE free stuff.

Are you a mom like me with the FREEbie bug..Love to get free stuff, Love to win contests?

Then go check out the FREEbie stuff at 24/7 MOMS Blog
Each month 24/7 MOMS features several opportunities to win FREE stuff.

This month there are some great FREEbie contests ….Watch out, you have officially been exposed to the FREEbie bug and the best medicine I can suggest to you, is quick ENTER a contest today.

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