Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Already Spring Cleaning

I know spring has not actually arrived but I am in obsessive cleaning mode. In the last 2 weeks I have accomplished completely cleaning end to end, top to bottom 4 kids bedrooms, 4 Bathrooms, My Bedroom and today I decided to do what I thought would be one of the EASIEST rooms in my home. "The Laundry room"

When was the last TIME you cleaned out your laundry room end to end, top to bottom?

Its official I spent 4 ½ hours cleaning my laundry room today. Prior to beginning my cleaning escapade you might have said “Trisha it will only take you 1 hour and really it does not look like it even needs cleaning”

4 ½ hours later, It is safe to say My laundry room is NOW the most sanitized, cleaned and completely organized laundry room in my entire neighborhood, of course that is until one of my 5 GREAT kids tromps thru and dumps their things on my oh so clean floor.

I am often referred to as a TYPE A or PERFECTIONIST. WOW, does it ever come out when I begin cleaning a room - thoroughly cleaning every inch, organizing all drawers, cupboards and closets, each time I clean that room....not just when it's spring. Which is why I have officially hired a new house cleaner.

If I continue to do it myself, it is only a matter of days until I end up like this women in the Video clip below. After you view it you will be glad Trisha hired a new house cleaner at least for the sake of her family.

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