Friday, March 7, 2008

Galaxy Movie Theatre Challenge in Gig Harbor

Novotny Family claims 6% of the Coveted Poker Chips

We live in a little city called Gig Harbor…. lately our little city has been turned up side down with commercial building or as my teenagers say..”Gig Harbor is out of control”… a new YMCA, Costco, Borders and Books, Jamba Juice, Panera Bread, clothing stores and even a new zillion dollar bridge across the Puget sound…In the minds of my teenagers NONE of this was needed or necessary except for ONE , the New 10 screen Galaxy Theatre.

Now that is a very vital vital that when rumors circled that the first 100 guests in line on grand opening day would receive a FREE 90 pass to the movies...the Novotny kids were up for the challenge .

The challenge began yesterday ( Thursday)….the plan was my oldest Son Stephen and his best friend Alex were going to camp out over night if that’s what it took to get those 90 day passes….but the big question was when would people begin lining up…or would they have already begun?

It was 12 noon, Stephen and I just had lunch and were headed to the library, we decided to stop by the theatre and see if a line had begun. No line - then the cell rings. It’s Alex reporting to Stephen the rumor at Gig Harbor high “there are 57 in line already”. Stephen cleared the rumor ”No one is in line”.

We then went to the library for about 15 minutes , as we began to drive home we decided to make one more check on the theatre. Well the rumor began a frenzy and the students were beginning to line up.

The RACE was on…off to the house to pick up chairs and sulpplies…off to the High School to pick up Shelby…back to the theater to claim our spots… I the mom left to begin picking up the 3 other Novotny kids. WHEW, we made it. It is now 3:25 and the line has continued to grow.

I was in line holding a place for Alex (Stephen’s friend) as he had to work until 6:00. being the nice MOM...I grabbed my new Moxie blog book and a chair and thought I'd get some reading in while my 2 youngest waited with me playing and enjoying the teenage world, by 5:30 there was well over 100 in line.

Tents were popping up, chairs lined along the side walk, BBQ hot dogs cooking, Sleeping bags ready for a nights rest in the cold winter air

The theatre management came outside and announced “That they would soon hand out poker chips with numbers on them to the first 100 in line”….….30 minutes later the manager once again walks out with a second announcement “ The first 100 in line would receive a poker chip … once we had our poker chips, we were to leave go home and return tomorrow at anytime and exchange our chips for the 90 day pass”…YAHOO, they were seriously going to hand us our GOLDEN TICKET for our 90 day pass and NO ONE has to sleep on the streets of Gig Harbor tonight. (remember I am still there with my 2 younger boys, still waiting for Alex to arrive)

Honestly my teenage kids were a little bummed that they did not get to experience a winter night on the streets of Gig Harbor…I do think the Novotny's now hold the record for receiving the highest percentage, 6 to be exact that would be 6% of Gig Harbors MOST coveted poker chips today.

I don’t know if this is what Making History is all about but for the Teenagers in Gig Harbor today this is History.

I know, I know - what kind of mom am I? let my kids get out of school early to get in line, I had intended to let them sleep on the streets of Gig Harbor and to top it off allow them to skip school to attend the grand opening of a movie theatre??
My answer to you I’m a MOM that believes in Making Memories…and for the Novotny TEAM these memories will be forever great ones.….Accomplishing the Challenge of receiving the most coveted poker Chips in Gig Harbor this week.

What Memories are you making with your family?…Explore Dream and Discover with them…..and even do a few wild and crazy things.

Mark Twain said "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do……Explore, Dream, Discover

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