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The big question - Why do we celebrate Easter?

As a Little girl that was the QUESTION I had for my Mom - I asked My mom to re-tell the time I as a little girl came and asked the Big questin - Why do we celebrate Easter?

By Patricia Eachus
(Trisha's Mom)

My six-year-old daughter Trisha ran excitedly into the house after being at the neighbors where they were decorating for the upcoming Easter Holiday.

Blue eyes sparkling and freckles dancing across her face, she was as cute as a button, and I could tell filled with an important question when she explained, "Mom, mom, why do we celebrate Easter?"

At first, taken back by the thought that I had perhaps not done an appropriate 'Mom Job' of sharing the deepest of all truths in our Christian faith, I quickly moved into the 'Mom mode'. This is a VERY important moment, I must stop what I am doing and take the time to sit and tell her again the story of our Lord.

Leading her gently through the story of Christmas and the birth of our savior, His life of love and sacrifice for us his children. She sat spell bound and I could see she was intent on every word, waiting for the Easter part. I had such a desire that the impartation of these truths were understood by her that I was not willing to take any short cuts in giving her the life of our Lord.

After quite a long story telling on my part, I finally got to the cross, Good Friday and what the sacrifice meant to us that believe. Again, she did a few squirms and I could see she was anxious. I explained that the cross was not the end of Jesus. "On the third day, Easter, He was resurrected" I explained.

"RESURRECTED", she raised her voice quickly. "What does that mean, Mom?"

I replied, "Trisha, it's so wonderful, he rose, he came back alive, he was no longer dead".

Her face relaxed, her eyes became knowing as she exclaimed, "Oh, so that's when he turned into the Easter bunny".

What's a Mom to do? After the big story telling, sitting her down with the important facts of our faith, with one statement from her I realized that I didn't really hear her question. Trisha was not asking me for the Easter story, which she already knew. She was trying to figure out how the rabbit got into Easter.

Continue now and read My Daughter Savannah's Idea of Why there is a Bunny involved in Easter...I found this documnet in my computer, I had never seen it until a few weeks ago....It gave me a MOM LOL ( Lauhing out Loud) moment

Esther the Bunny Learns About Easter
By Savannah Novotny

April 17, 2003
Once upon a time there was a funny little bunny rabbit. Her name was Esther. Her mother always tod her that she was very special.

One day while she was talking to her friends they told her that she was really the Easter bunny, and her job was to give gifts to little boys and girls. She really believed it! She was so excited but she didn't know where to get goodies and gifts for all the little children of the world.

So she went to her Mom and asked, "Mom am I the Easter bunny?" Her mother responded "Yes my dear you are the Easter bunny, but I wanted you to figure it out all by yourself. I guess it's about time you found out."

One day soon you will help all of the other Easter bunnies of the world and give gifts to little boys and girls to celebrate the real meaning of Easter."

Esther was puzzled, because she wasn't sure what the real meaning of Easter was? "Mom" Esther asked, what is the real meaning of Easter? Her mom replied. "Remember the story you learned last week at Sunday School?". "Sure I do. It is one of my favorite stories." said Esther. "It was about God's only Son Jesus who dies for our sins and on the third day of his death he rose up and went to heaven. Our teacher said if we asked Jesus into our hearts we could be God's best friend and line in heaven too!" "That's right" said Esther's mom.

"Well why do we give gifts to little boys and girls?" asked Esther. "Because sill, we want all the boys and girls of the world to know that Ester Sunday is a special Sunday because it is remembering what God's only Son did for mankind. When we leave special gifts it helps them to remember who Jesus is." Said her Mom.

"Wow exclaimed Esther, that means I really am a special bunny, but I still have a question? When do I get to give gifts to all the little children?" "Well my little bunny" said her mom, "when the time is right, but until then you are to do your very best to a good little bunny and always remember Jesus Christ is behind the real meaning of Easter."
The End

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